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Helping the Cotswolds get well and stay well with the Cotswold Chiropractor, Cheltenham and Winchcombe


First visit to the Cotswold Chiropractor, Cheltenham

Your first visit to the Cotswold Chiropractor at the clinic in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham or Winchcombe

Your First Visit

What to expect when you first visit The Cotswold Chiropractor:

Record Card taking and Consultation

This takes approximately 10 minutes, you will be asked about personal details (address, contact number etc), past injuries, diseases, accidents, any medication taken, any treatments you have received or are receiving and the state of your overall health.

You will be asked specific questions about your present symptoms, please try to answer as honestly as you can, as this is important in order to make the correct diagnosis and decide on the most appropriate treatment plan.

You will then be asked to change into the gown provided (sometimes men are best to bring some comfortable shorts with them) so a variety of tests are performed to ascertain the cause of your problem. All the results of these will be recorded on your personal record card, so we can reassess at intervals in your treatment schedule in order to measure the efficacy of the treatment. If required, you may be referred for X-Ray, MRI scans or other tests if deemed necessary at this stage.

Report of Findings

You will receive a verbal report of findings at this stage, where you will be told what is most likely to be causing your pain/ discomfort/ problem. A model of the skeleton is usually used to help you visualise how your body should be functioning.

You will be told whether chiropractic is likely to help you; how long it is likely to take and the improvement that is expected to be seen (Treatment Plan); any side effects/risks associated with treatment; if another type of treatment is likely to be more helpful (injections etc).

You will be encouraged to ask questions so you understand your problem. You will be given advice with regard to how best to help yourself e.g. Stretching, posture, using ice/heat to ease pain.

It is your choice if you would like to receive treatment or not ... it is your body, you are the boss!


Treatment usually is started on the initial visit if deemed appropriate. It is tailored  to each patients individual needs and involves some of the techniques described in my Techniques Used section.

Fees  (1st June 2019)

Initial consultation & 1st treatment   (up to 1 hour)

Follow up chiropractic treatment   (up to 30 mins)



Please note that 48 hours notice is required for cancellations and this must be done via phone call as emails are not always picked up. Missed appointments and late cancellations will be fully charged for without exception.




£60 (+ travel if over 10 miles)

£45 (+ travel if over 10 miles)