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News from the Cotswold Chiropractor

News from the Cotswold Chiropractor


Veterinary Chiropractic

Alexandra Hurley

Well I`ve finally got round to it...the animal course! Prior to becoming a chiropractor I had a career with horses, riding, teaching, running several yards and mucking out lots! I first experienced animal chiropractic during this time and so impressed I was with the results that I decided that I wanted to train! At that time the only possible route onto an animal chiropractic course was via the human degree off I went!! After five years of human study I thought I`d have a year in practice and then embark upon the animal course, as many of you know, that was ten years ago! I have learned so much since qualifying and have worked hard, building up a lovely patient base locally. However, I felt it was about time for another challenge and so I started the BackBone Veterinary Chiropractic course in April this year (2017). It`s a fantastic course based in Buxtehude near Hamburg, Germany, extremely well-taught in modules (luckily their English is a lot better than my German!)

So, I`ve already been asked several times if I`m closing the doors to my human clinic and the answer is: Absolutely not! Clinics have had to reduce slightly whilst I study, but only marginally and will return to normal hours once the animal course finishes in September.

So if any of you are the owners of dogs or horses who would like to be case study candidates then please call my mobile 07980662229.

Back to my books now...!