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Helping the Cotswolds get well and stay well with the Cotswold Chiropractor, Cheltenham and Winchcombe


The Cotswold Chiropractor Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

A McTimoney trained chiropractor in Cheltenham with a background in sports and remedial massage.

Welcome to The Cotswold Chiropractors website!

As a chiropractor I specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of problems arising from the joints and muscles in the body, in particular those of the spine. Chiropractors use a method of adjusting the bones of the body to treat the source of the pain and help to prevent recurrences.

From my two clinic locations in Winchcombe and Charlton Kings,  I help a wide range of people who suffer from a variety of health problems. I enjoy all aspects of chiropractic care, from helping people to get out of acute pain, to educating patients about ways to prevent painful episodes. I believe that health is more than simply the absence of disease and pain, but about striving to be in the best physical condition you can possibly be.

Helping the Cotswolds get well and stay well....

I take an integrated approach to healthcare: encouraging regular, appropriate exercise; offering postural and ergonomic advice and of course, delivering high standards of chiropractic care.

Prevention is better than cure.... pain is often the last symptom of dysfunction, so regular chiropractic check-ups can ensure proper joint mobility and skeletal alignment are maintained. 






  • Treatment sessions with Alex are always very thorough, she has always found the root of my problems
    — Daphne, Cheltenham
  • My knee pain disappeared after one treatment...Alex and her tape are magic!
    — Paul, Dumbleton
  • The first chiropractor to educate me about how I can help myself through exercise and good posture. Ever grateful for this knowledge.
    — Mark, Stow
  • I’m a lorry driver and suffer with neck and shoulder pain. Without Alex I would struggle to keep doing my job
    — Matt, Gloucester
  • Alex has not only made myself and my horse more comfortable and mobile but she has helped our competition success. She is the kindest and most understanding lady I have ever known and is so talented with it. I can highly recommend her.
    — Rebekah Alison Wintle and Dolce Vita II
  • My Springer Spaniel was stiffening up and limping after longer walks. Alex has seen him twice and already there is a huge difference. I`m really impressed with Alex`s approach and will be recommending her.
    — David and Mattie